KART INDOOR CHRONO – rue du Colonel Lilly, 67640 Fegersheim – FRANCE

Inside the venue, there will be an area reserved for exhibitors outside the race track with an area for free riding and the possibility to test electric vehicles and their accessories
Date 19.02.2022

  • 10 a.m. start of the event registration chip distribution and training
  • 11h start of the race after a joint briefing
  • 17h end of the race, announcement of results

Entry to the venue is only allowed in accordance with the hygiene regulations set by the government of France.

Authorized categories

  • ESK8 – electric skateboards, 2WD, skate-polyurethane wheels up to 92mm diameter, the board without leg fixation
  • OPEN – electric skateboards without restrictions

Who can participate ?


In case of cancellation, the entry fee will be refunded to the sender’s account.

The competition

Each competitor will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the course before the start of the race. The start of the race will be started by a race light or similar.

The race will be run over three laps and the finish line will be completed by the competitor crossing the finish line after completing the third lap.

Each competitor should complete the three-lap race at least three times or more, as the best three races of each competitor are added together and the resulting total of times determines the final standings.

This allows racers to improve their overall race standings until the end of the race. In the race itself, competitors ranking is determined by the skateboard crossing the finish line, this will be measured by a timing device and a personal timing chip.

The results and the running order of the race can be viewed on a public monitor. There will be several categories of race results. Each race participant must have their head protected with a suitable helmet, knee and elbow pads, wrist guards and suitable footwear are recommended. If the helmet is lost during the race, the competitor may not continue in the race.

It is forbidden to restrict or block other competitors during the race.

Each participant takes part in the race at his/her own risk.

Competitors will start the first race from the starting grid designated by their race registration. After the first timed race, the starting positions of the competitors on the starting grids are determined by the sum of the times achieved in the previous races.